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Why I Am Running

I am running to represent California’s 30th Senate District because I believe in the promise of our state and our country—a promise defined by opportunity, security, and freedom.

Cooper Hefner and his wife Scarlett Byrne

There is a brighter California and a better United States waiting for us. California needs new perspectives for solving our most pressing issues. Our government institutions require bold leadership and commitment to service before self. I am dedicated to this belief and I know that together we can build stronger communities, bring greater prosperity, and ensure a brighter future for all of California.

Cooper Hefner listening

I believe it is crucial for young people to engage in greater service to community, to state, and to country now more than ever before. From engaging as a reservist for the United States Air Force to serving on the boards of organizations working to bring about good in the community, service to the public drives what I do. It is in the spirit of asking what one can do for their country and community that has led me to run for public office. Serving the people of the city, state, and country I know and love would be a tremendous privilege.

There are significant challenges facing our democratic institutions at present. The American Dream is under threat, wealth inequality continues to plague our nation, the climate crisis carries on, COVID-19 threatens the health and financial safety of our communities, while the issues we face are made worse by incompetent leadership in government. At the same time, we have become so polarized that many disengage in politics when what we should do is push government to pursue the policies that will ensure a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations. There is too little creative problem solving and too much dedication to conducting business as usual in the face of these serious threats. While I have experience in leadership roles and the high pressure that comes along with those positions, I also have a vision for what our state can be and the opportunities we have.

I am firmly against complacency—I know California can lead the United States as a cultural role model, an economic power, and a political lodestar. I have been privileged in my life to hold decision-making positions in large organizations while also undertaking entrepreneurial projects that have helped to change the media and cultural landscape. It is not just responsibility I have learned from these endeavors; it is the necessity of creative problem solving to deliver effective solutions. Government at present is failing to serve those it is tasked with protecting. Inefficiencies, lack of moral conviction, and narrowed visions of what is possible has left Californians and Americans behind when we should be ahead. I am committed to accountability, creativity, and ingenuity. These are qualities often absent in government that I will bring to Sacramento as your representative.

Cooper Hefner in front of American Flag

Cooper Hefner proudly serves his country as an Airman in the United States Air Force Reserve. This campaign is not endorsed by the Department of Defense or the United States Air Force. His views are his own.

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While we are kicking off our exploratory campaign, an official campaign launch will be fundamentally rooted in improving the lives of California residence and powered by our community. We need you to help us build a movement that will make our state more efficient, sustainable, and full of greater possibilities. Sign up and join the team!


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It would benefit all of us to remember that the diversity of culture and thought and ideas is the greatest strength of America.

No American should go hungry. No American should be forced out of a shelter. No American should have to lose life or a loved one because a drug is priced too high. Holding these values doesn’t make you an enemy of the market. Holding these values makes you a decent human being.

A year ago the holiday season was spent at Lackland AFB in Texas. There is incredible value in being of service to others. I have found that to be true nowhere more than in the @USAirForce. A privilege I will remain tremendously grateful for throughout my life.